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God intends for every family to gather together in the Lord Jesus Christ for teaching, prayer and worship. Each father, as spiritual head of the family, has a duty to command his children to follow God.   As we consider the verses below, keep in mind that the Hebrew term “father” may include grandfather and great-grandfather as well. 



Abraham, originally named Abram, lived one hundred and seventy five years. 1Genesis 25:7, Page 38 He was born in Ur of the Chaldees, around 2165 B.C.  In Genesis 12:1-3, God made a covenant with Abraham and promised him: (1) a land, (2) that he would be a great nation, and (3) all the families of the earth would be blessed in him. The Jews of the New Testament considered Abraham to be their father. 2John 8:39, Page 1672    God preached the gospel of salvation by faith to Abraham and selected Abraham and his offspring to bless the nations. 3Galatians 3:8, Page 1822

Abraham teaches us lessons about fathers. Every spiritual believer will teach other spiritual believers about how to act. Even children will teach parents, in one way or another. God chose Abraham to teach us lessons about being a father pleasing to God.  

Five Lessons for Fathers


Lesson One

Children learn to love God, or not, 

by watching fathers.  


Lesson Two

God commanded fathers to command

their children to follow God.


Lesson Three

Fathers teach always, so always be careful

about what you teach.


Lesson Four

Fathers teach from their hearts directly

to the hearts of their children.


Lesson Five

Fathers must have absolute love joined to

absolute grace,  justice, and mercy.


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